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Die Monatshits

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Album Sampler - Le Pop 3, En Duo Vive La Fête - Nuit Blanche
Retro-Album Milch - Socialpark (1999) And One - 9.9.99 9 Uhr (1998)
Ohrwurm Das Präparat - Tanz' Mit Deinem Gefühl Vive La Fête - Horror Movies
Liedzeile "Ich bin Sklave, ich bin Gott - nur für den Augenblick"
(Das Präparat - Tanz Mit Deinem Gefühl [Tanz Der Sklaven])
"When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun... "
(The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton)
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Album Babyland - The Finger Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague
Retro-Album The Cure - The Head On The Door (1985) Rammstein - Herzeleid (1995)
Ohrwurm ASCII Disko - Straßen The Stills - Still In Love Song
Liedzeile "tune in, turn on, burn out"
(The Sisters Of Mercy - Black Planet)
"It's you I fell in love with: your turn of phrase, your sensitivity, your irrational moods... well maybe that could go. But everything else... I want you to be you!"
(William Shatner - Ideal Woman)
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Album The Ark - We Are The Ark Die Fantastischen Vier - Viel
Retro-Album Girls At Our Best - Pleasure (1981) Die Fantastischen Vier - Vier Gewinnt (1992)
Ohrwurm The Ark - 2000 Light Years Of Darkness Slut - Neverending
Liedzeile "connected in souls, together at last in the same black hole"
(The Ark - 2000 Light Years Of Darkness)
"Life is cruel and then you die!"
(Client - Radio)
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Album 2raumwohnung - Es Wird Morgen 2raumwohnung - Es Wird Morgen
Retro-Album Fad Gadget - The Best Of Jonathan Richman - Surrender To Jonathan (1996)
Ohrwurm Fad Gadget - For Whom The Bells Toll Gentleman - Superior
Liedzeile "ich geb' dir was du willst; du löffelst langsam mein Gehirn; wir knien vor dir nieder; auf allen fünfen oder vieren"
(2raumwohnung - Sasha (Sex Secret))
"ich kann nicht ertragen, wie die Dinge sind, faß mich nicht an, weil ich ein lebendes Stromkabel bin"
(2raumwohnung - Zentralmassiv)
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Album ASCII Disko - ASCII Disko Clueso - Gute Musik
Retro-Album Welle:Erdball - Tanzpalast 2000 (1996) Dementia - Meteorself (1997)
Ohrwurm Welle:Erdball - Metal Dust (Die Begegnung) 2raumwohnung - Spiel Mit
Liedzeile "Vom Planeten Erde komm' ich zu Dir; was ich nicht kenn' muß sterben hier; denn mein Hirn ist nicht fähig zu verstehen was meine Augen sehen!"
(Welle:Erdball - Metal Dust (Die Begegnung) )
"The truth is, baby, it's a lie!"
(The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk)
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Album Phoenix - Alphabetical Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere
Retro-Album Alien Sex Fiend - The Best Of Scott Walker - Scott (1967)
Ohrwurm Morrissey - Suedehead Meiko Kaji - Nokori Bi
Liedzeile "Live fast - die young!"
(Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line)
"Her clothes are blacker than the blackest cloth, and her face is whiter than the snow of Hoth, she wears Dr.Martens and a heavy cross, but on the inside... she's a happy goth"
(The Divine Comedy - Happy Goth)
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Album Morrissey - You Are The Quarry Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
Retro-Album The Mission - Children (1988) Die Lassie Singers - Stadt, Land, Verbrechen (1995)
Ohrwurm Morrissey - First Of The Gang To Die The Streets - Fit But You Know It
Liedzeile "Monday - humiliation, Tuesday - suffocation, Wednesday - condescension, Thursday - is pathetic, by Friday life has killed me"
(Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus)
"America, you know, where you can shove your hamburger - and don't you wonder why in Estonia they say "Hey you, big fat pig!""
(Morrissey - America Is Not The World)
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Album El Aviador Dro - Todos Sus Singles Y EPs 1982-1998 Magnus - The Body Gave You Everything
Retro-Album The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always (1985) Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (1989)
Ohrwurm El Aviador Dro - La Modelo Jane Birkin avec Mickey 3D - Je M'apelle Jane
Liedzeile "What you have lost can never be found, words are just dust in deserts of sound"
(The Sisterhood - Giving Ground)
"See, I reckon you about an eight or a nine maybe even nine and a half in four beers time. That blue top shop top you've got on is nice, bit too much fake tan though - but yeah you score high"
(The Streets - Fit But You Know It)
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Album MIA. - Stille Post Black Box Recorder - Passionoia
Retro-Album Fehlfarben - Monarchie & Alltag (1980) Madness - One Step Beyond (1979)
Ohrwurm Rosenstolz - Eine Frage Des Lichts Junior Jack feat. Robert Smith - Da Hype
Liedzeile "Ich spritz mit Gift nur so um mich; möchte daß es alle trifft. In meinem Herzen blüht der Horror; bin mein eigner Terrorist."
(Rosenstolz - Das Gelbe Monster)
"You've got to tolerate all those people that you hate I'm not in love with you but I won't hold that against you"
(Super Furry Animals - Juxtapozed With U)
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Album Karl Bartos - Communication Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters
Retro-Album The Neon Judgement - 1981-1984 (1985) Fischmob - Power (1998)
Ohrwurm Beatsteaks - Hand In Hand Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Liedzeile "So don't lose your head till we reach the guillotine, come join all your friends in my happiness-maschine"
(Venus In Furs - When I Acquire You)
"Banküberfall ist besser als Mord - New York"
(Ocker - New York FM)
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Album Kid Alex - Colorz Kid Alex - Colorz
Retro-Album Grauzone - Die Sunrise Tapes Czerkinsky - Czerkinsky (1997)
Ohrwurm Kid Alex - Emergency Mia - Hungriges Herz
Liedzeile "Emergency, emergency - call the ambulance for me"
(Kid Alex - Emergency)
"You can go to the doctor, you can cough in his face, infect the whole human race... but you can't ignore my techno."
(Electric Six - Synthesizer)
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Album Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman Air - Talkie Walkie
Retro-Album Pet Shop Boys - Disco (1986) Francoise Hardy - Massages Personnels Box
Ohrwurm Sexy Angels - Mathematic Mind I Monster - Resistence Is Futile
Liedzeile "Passion, love, sex, money, violence, religion, injustice, death."
(Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro)
"And I want to reach into the fire in your heart, I want to program all those beats right from the start"
(Electric Six - Improper Dancing)